Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones


Howl’s Moving Castle #1 Sophie is the eldest of three daughters, and therefore destined to fail first and worst. Soon enough, her stepmother sends her sisters off to safe places, and Sophie has been cursed by a witch. She takes refuge in the castle of an infamous wizard, and things get stranger from there. I’d only heard of Howl’s Moving Castle in recent years, but I’d heard only good of it. So much so, in…

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So, You’re In an Alternate Universe – Jeremy Packert Burke

Metaphorosis covers

So, you’re in an alternate universe. It doesn’t feel alternate. Your mom is still your mom, who smells like fennel, with red-rubbed knuckles. Your dad still has his large tie collection: his wooden tie, his Yellow Submarine tie, his tie that looks like a large fish. Hitler was still Hitler, and Stalin, Stalin. The sun outside is very yellow—is it too yellow? Is that the difference? The scar on your knee is still there. Eileen…

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A question for Vincent Coviello

Q: What’s a typical drawing day like for you?

A: My typical drawing day consists firstly of exploratory doodles. It is all about finding an interesting silhouette and expanding upon happy accidents. When I am designing, I may have something in mind but allow my hand and imagination to do as they please. Drawing for me is fluid, uninhibited creativity.

Vincent Coviello‘s image “Earth, Air, and Fire” is the cover art for our September 2016 stories.Metaphorosis

Wings of Sorrow and Bone – Beth Cato


Clockwork Dagger #2.5 Rivka Stout, a recent transplant to Tamarania, is adjusting to life in her grandmother’s house, and its strict social requirements. When she encounters a cruel laboratory run by a cold-hearted businessman, she vows to set its tortured captives free with the help of her chance companion the self-centered Tatiana. A close tie-in to the Clockwork Dagger series. I’m a strong believer that artists should be judged on merit – on product, not…

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About Benjamin C. Kinney

Benjamin C. Kinney is an itinerant neuroscientist and Viable Paradise XVIII graduate. Despite his New England heart, he lives in St. Louis with two cats and a wife on Mars.

Find him online at or on Twitter as @BenCKinney.

Benjamin C. Kinney’s story “Shiplight” will be published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 9 September 2016. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.

Good Night, Mr. James – Clifford D. Simak


Simak Complete Stories #8 A collection of mostly science fiction stories by Clifford Simak. The logic behind the arrangement of most anthologies is a mystery to anyone but their editors, and that’s true here. While the last volume (#3) in this series I reviewed had some of Simak’s strongest work, this (#8) has a fair amount of filler – decent, but uninspiring, and not mostly at the level I look for from Simak. Happily, there…

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