Undertow – Jared Leonard


The midday sun reflected off the sea in a thousand broken glimmers, belying the cutting chill in the early spring air. Salt scoured Alrik’s nostrils, the burn setting his nerves at ease. The vessel rocked casually amid the rolling waves, slowly inching its way to the black mass of clouds that hung off in the distance. He scanned the islands that stood around them. More than a half a dozen jagged, rocky outcroppings where the…

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It came from L. Chan


L. Chan’s story “Whalesong” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 15 April 2016. “Whalesong” started out with a single prompt-like line: the 50 hertz whale is the hero. The 50 hertz whale, also known as the loneliest whale in the world, is a solitary whale who sings at a frequency that other whales can’t hear. The jury is still out on whether there’s truth to that particular factoid, but it formed the kernel of this…

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About Caleb Warner

Caleb Warner was born and raised in Indiana, in the Whitewater River Valley basin. Here he fostered a love for wilderness conservation, primitive living skills, and writing. He still lives there, working as an assistant to the director of the Writing Center at Indiana University East.

The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine Arden


A young woman in the depths of the Russian forest faces temporal and supernatural challenges, especially with respect to household spirits that few others can see. The cover of Katherine Arden’s The Bear and the Nightingale caught my eye at NetGalley. A closer look suggested it wasn’t my kind of book, but then I got several e-mails from the publisher suggesting I try it. They compared Arden to Robin Hobb, and Hobb herself blurbed the…

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