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Watership Down – Richard Adams


Watership Down #1 When young rabbit Fiver has a premonition, his friend Hazel convinces a few other rabbits to leave their warren and search for a safer home. What can I say about Watership Down that you don’t already know? It’s a classic, a moving story of companionship and adversity, the spark for hundreds of imitators, and the benchmark against which they are held. Richard Adams wasn’t the first to write a talking-animal story, not…

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The Black Cauldron – Lloyd Alexander


Chronicles of Prydain #2 Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper, has returned to his duties after a brief spell of excitement. But it’s not all pig-washing when a series of curious character’s turn up at Caer Dallben to plan a secret mission to darkest Annuvin. This second book in the Chronicles of Prydain follows closely on the trail of its predecessor, The Book of Three. The writing is light, humorous, and instructive, in the sense that there are…

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The White Voyage – John Christopher


A Danish cargo ship with a few passengers meets bad weather during a short voyage. I started reading John Christopher a long time ago – maybe with The Lotus Caves (soon to be a film?) or with The Prince in Waiting, both books that opened my eyes to a whole different kind of writing than I’d seen to that point. I read The Prince in Waiting not too long after it came out, and for…

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The Book of Three – Lloyd Alexander


Chronicles of Prydain #1 Taran’s been promoted – to Assistant Pig Keeper. It’s not quite the heroic task he envisioned, even if Hen Wen is an oracular pig. But even assistant pig keeping turns out to be harder than expected, when Hen Wen escapes, Taran has a run-in with the Horned King, and things get even worse. One of the classic stories of children’s fantasy. I read it when I was young, and at WorldCon,…

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Metaphorosis – B. Morris Allen


Like the sound of soft fingers on skin, green palm fronds whispered amongst themselves. Their soft breath caressed his cheek as he listened for the slight scratching of frond cilia against stiff palm trunks. “Sam.” The breeze was stronger, the fronds closer. He could almost feel them tickling his face. “Sam. You’ll be late for work.” He stirred, allowed the cold waves to sift sand from underneath him. Gently, that was the way, no quick……

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