What’s the magazine about?

Metaphorosis is a magazine of science fiction and fantasy. We offer intelligent, beautifully written stories for adults.

Who are your authors and artists?

Find out more about them here.

Who are you?

large-logo-mB Morris Allen LMetaphorosis is published by Metaphorosis Publishing, and edited by B. Morris Allen. If you’re interested in joining our slush-readers, contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. Include information about yourself and what you read.

Who pays for all this?

In part, it’s generous SFF readers like you. Come support us via Patreon.

What the heck is metamor… metaphro… whatever it is?

Metaphorosis is the title of our pre-launch introductory story, inspired by Kafka’s Metamorphosis. If you want a more intellectual-sounding answer, you could say it’s a method of understanding our surroundings through examination of allegory and parable.

What’s with the whole vegan thing?

Some of us are vegans, and we thought it would be nice to see some stories that reflect a vegan world. We prefer vegan stories, but we’re not sticklers about it.

Where’s our privacy policy?

Right here.

You’re a writer as well as an editor. Do you publish any of your own stories?

I expect to publish one of my own stories per year, in September – the anniversary of the pre-publication namesake story – and sometimes one in the spring.

Where can you find us?

Twitter:     @MetaphorosisMag
Google+:   plus.google.com/+Metaphorosis
Pinterest:  www.pinterest.com/metaphorosis
Patreon:    www.patreon.com/metaphorosis
Tumblr:    metaphorosis.tumblr.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/metaphorosis

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Miscellaneous credits

Book and tree image on our front page – Bonnyb Bendix



  1. Fascinating site! I’m an SF/fantasy short story writer. How do I submit stuff to you?
    Rand Lee


  2. Good Morning;

    Just found your site, and I would love to be added to your list of slush readers.

    I devour all genres except hard science-fiction, with a strong leaning towards magical realism and fantasy.

    Thank you for considering
    Janyce Hill

  3. Could I submit a photograph for possible publication?

    • You could, but we’re very unlikely to accept it. Our covers lean heavily toward illustrations or modified photographs.

  4. Hi guys, quick question. Do you accept stories submitted from overseas? (I’m UK)

  5. Dear Editor,
    I’ve been a fan of Metaphorosis for a long time. The independent speculative fiction market has a lot of fine stories to offer, and a fair share of them come from you guys! Thank you for that.
    I’m interested in becoming a slush reader.
    I’m a writer of science fiction and fantasy, and an avid reader of it. I’ve had editorial experience in a very different market, ran my own literary magazine for a while, and its very stressful. I have a working respect for what you guys do.
    I read a lot of short fiction from the major markets, Clarkesworld, etc, as well as the independent markets. I enjoy George R.R Martin, Ken Liu, Ted Chiang, and of course Zelazny. I enjoy the classics too, like Dostoyevsky.
    I’m considering starting a speculative fiction magazine sometime in the future, and I’m looking for some hands-on experience in the industry. I’d love to learn under the fine editors of Metaphorosis.

    Thanks for your time,
    Justin Hilliard

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