A question for Kathryn Hammond

Q: What’s better: illustrating or having illustrated? A: I think both are very important. I love the process of painting, creating, trying new things. Having illustrated is also very critical, because looking back at your old work and learning from it is one of the most valuable parts of art. I wish to continue drawing and painting all my life, expanding my repertoire and learning new techniques. A wonderful part of the illustration portion of…

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What the Darkness Is – Simon Kewin

The howls of the gore-hounds filled the night air. Vanda stopped to catch her breath. Sounds echoed off the trees, throwing noises at her from odd angles. Her pursuers were close. When they caught her it would be the end. She peeped at the precious cargo she carried, strapped across her chest in the sling she’d fashioned from an old shawl. The night was dark – of course – but there was just enough starlight…

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It came from Angus Cervantes

Angus Cervantes’s story “Bad News from the Future” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 17 March 2017. This story’s creation was surprisingly literal. First it nearly happened, and then I thought about it happening, and wrote it down. I took a corner cavalierly and barely missed a significant car accident. I was horrified by how close I’d come to the most terrible consequences. I knew I’d never be careless again while driving my children, and…

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A question for Angie Lathrop

Q: How do you generate story ideas, and how soon do you act on them?

A: I nerdishly carry a notebook at all times, and whenever I come across something really interesting in reading or in life (a phrase, a concept, a quote, almost anything) I write it down in my current notebook. I also use the notebook for to-do lists and brainstorming and practically everything I need to refer to or keep in mind, for my professional, personal, and writing lives. I don’t separate the notebooks into sections, so as I’m perusing the pages for a phone number, I’ll come across fragments of ideas that could turn into stories, so I’m constantly feeding those bits back into my mind to incubate. It might be months or even years after I record an idea in my notebook that I write a story about it.

Angie Lathrop’s story “Radical Abundance” will be published on Friday, 29 September 2017.
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