The Questioning Bell – Jason Baltazar

Enoch woke to the murmuring of window glass against the crown of his head. Outside, the approaching bellcart signaled a new morning, each heavy peal humming through the windowpane. As he’d done on every morning since Barícolé’s curse fell upon the city, he first looked to the window on the opposite side of the street. Dark and empty, it brought a familiar worry about Galvea. They’d been friends all their lives. He couldn’t remember a…

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It came from Allison Epstein

Allison Epstein’s story “Pandemonium” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 18 November 2016. For a mild-mannered, not-religious Midwesterner, I have a slightly offbeat fascination with demons. I often find my brain circling back to them when I sit down to write, like water circling the drain of a vaguely hellish shower. The reluctant Miltonic demon has always fascinated me: the world-weary nine-to-fiver, beaten down by the daily grind of damnation, yet still pathetically hopeful things…

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A question for Michelle Ann King

Q: What is the scariest or most disturbing story you’ve ever read?

A: Dark Matter, by Michelle Paver — a tense and incredibly creepy story set in the Arctic Circle in the 1930s. It’s beautifully written, with gorgeous descriptions of both the physical Arctic landscape and the narrator’s psychological landscape. The format — journal entries — is perfect: appropriately old-fashioned and allowing the reader to see the gradual deterioration of the main character’s mental state and letting him function as a semi-unreliable narrator, since he’s both telling what happened and commenting on his own words. It captures the isolation and claustrophobia wonderfully, and creates a deeply unsettling atmosphere of menace throughout. The supernatural elements are of the very subtle, caught-out-of-the-corner-of-the-eye variety, and all the more terrifying for it. Reading this made me feel ill, which is just about the highest praise for a horror story I can give 🙂

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The Early History of the Moon – Karolina Fedyk

Warsaw, 1812 Before Warsaw, I had spent days inventing myself as a pianist. Tailoring my biography, imagining what could happen in my possible lives. Love, perhaps, there was place for love; politics even, for it seemed inevitable. Betraying my kin—and then death—came merely as consequences. # The evening is cold: autumn has taken hold over us already. The train rolls into its final station, accompanied by a grinding screech and thick puffs of steam. People…

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It came from Eugene Morgulis

Eugene Morgulis’s story “My Last Summer at Camp Unterlaken” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 11 November 2016. The setting of the story is based on Camp Interlaken in Northern Wisconsin, which I attended every summer as a boy. The lake was freezing, so the counselors would joke that there were motion activated heating coils beneath the surface, and we had to jump in so they could warm up the water. The story takes that…

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