The Wife of Fabian Vitalik – Mariah Montoya

The day that Fabian Vitalik’s wife left, rain masked the roar of the sea just beyond their rock garden. Fabian ended fishing early because of the storm, and came home to find his wife dozing on the sofa by the window, unfazed by the sharp pat pat pat of rain fingers on glass. He found her enthralling when she was still and senseless like this, so he sat down and watched her breathe, the pearl…

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It came from Karolina Fedyk

Karolina Fedyk’s story “The Early History of the Moon” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 19 May 2017. Growing up in Poland, I couldn’t shake off the impression that we’re sort of guests and strangers in our own home—a place lost and regained over and over again. I am, of course, hardly the first to write about where such feelings come from; but in the national narrative, the history of partitions and the Duchy of…

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A question for Ryan Fitzpatrick

Q: What would your animal totem be?

A: Totem
a natural object or animal believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and adopted by it as an emblem.
(Thanks, the Oxford English Dictionary Online!)

I’m not sure about spiritual significance, but I can tell you that I have a bit of a thing about sloths. Three-toed or two-toed, brown-throated or pale-throated, I love ‘em all, and if you read my short piece “The Cure for Cancer”, you’ll notice that the slow-moving, moss-covered bradypus makes an appearance right there amongst the foliage, brushing up against the eponymous mushroom itself.

A couple of years ago, when I released my first few solo pieces of music into the world (spoiler: I’m not very good), I chose a cartoon picture of a sloth as the track’s ‘album art’. When I should be writing but I begin to doodle instead, it’s a sloth I draw. And, when I worked in Peru, for a few short minutes I was elated to finally see one in the flesh; a disappointingly shapeless brown blob at the top of a distant tree.

Oh well.

I don’t know what it is about them. I love animals in general, and can barely fall asleep without the soothing tones of a nature documentary somewhere in the background. Learning about the natural world is bad ass, and I suppose I could have chosen any animal to rub up against the cure for cancer in my story. But I didn’t.

I chose a sloth. And maybe that’s enough to make it my totem.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s story “The Cure for Cancer” will be published on Friday, 1 December 2017.
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A question for Melissa Kojima

Q: What was your favorite children’s book?

A: Do I only get to choose one? That is hard, if only one. When I was a kid, I read all the fairytale books in my library. I couldn’t get enough of them. I also loved “The Boxcar Children”. I think I could relate because I grew up with 3 brothers and 1 sister and I wished we could go on adventures like them. Of course, I loved Maurice Sendak and Edward Gorey too. Their illustrations were just too amazing not to spend hours gazing at them.

Melissa Kojima‘s image “Magic in the Wytchen Woods” is the cover art for our December 2017 stories.Metaphorosis

My Book Report on Starlight – Joachim Heijndermans

It’s strange. The school isn’t like I imaged it would be at all. I figured it would look more like in the movies, with long hallways of lockers and posters that say things like: ‘reading is fun’ or have quotes by famous people I’ve never heard of. But it’s nothing like that. The hallways aren’t even hallways, when you get down to it. This place looks more like the dome at a spaceport, but with…

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