About Ekaterinya Vladinakova

I was born and currently reside in San Francisco, and spend most of my time painting & drawing. At the age of three, we moved to Chicago and lived there for seven years before moving back to San Francisco. Since the age of six, I had an interest in artwork, especially science fiction related artwork. During most of my early childhood, I played “pretend” with my brothers and friends from the neighborhood, which involves aliens and their civilizations. I would continue to do so till around the age of 13, while continuing to draw fictional scenes. During high school, I enrolled in a major of fine arts. And in 2012, I graduated from high school and enrolled into California College of the Arts.


Ekaterinya Vladinakova‘s image “Siruveil” is the cover art for our October 2016 stories.Metaphorosis

About Allison Wall

Allison is a Kansas-based writer. She teaches, and has taught many things, including but not limited to piano, second grade, and creative writing, and can usually be found in the vicinity of books, cats, music, and tea. Allison is currently finishing an MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline University.

Allison Wall’s story “Flann Brónach and the King’s Champion” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 30 September 2016. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.

Shiplight – Benjamin C. Kinney

“Right there, any moment now. Their future,” Jacob said, resentment thick and sour in his mouth. He pointed up into the night sky, above the heads of the close-packed crowd on the porch. Everyone was silent. Despite everything, Jacob and all the other Sea-born natives held their breath. A fresh pinprick appeared in the night’s threadbare shroud. A new star, flickering and bright with the flare of the decelerating pulse drive. Shiplight. Voices erupted in…

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It came from Sabrina N. Balmick

Sabrina N. Balmick’s story “La Belle Dame” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 4 March 2016. I wrote the first draft of “La Belle Dame” one summer after reading the Keats poem. I’d read it several times before, but this time it struck me differently. Maybe it was because I’d read it with a writer’s eyes for the first time; maybe I’m just a sucker for tragic romances. I liked that the ending was open…

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A question for Hamilton Perez

Q: What’s your favorite kind of pie?

A: Strawberry. During the summer as a boy, we used to visit my grandparents in Missouri and my grandmother would make us wonderful strawberry pies. When I think of summer I still think of backyard fireworks, uncomfortable lawn chairs, and a plate full of strawberry pie in my lap.

Hamilton Perez’s story “Strix Antiqua” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 16 September 2016. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.

About Jamie Brindle

Jamie Brindle has been writing stories for as long as he can remember. Occasionally, they are even published. He was home educated until the age of fourteen, and grew up in a hedge maze that was open to the public (still is – google ‘hoo hill maze’). He works as a doctor in the East Midlands, UK.


Jamie Brindle’s story “Showtime” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 23 September 2016. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.