Occasional information about submission statistics and surveys.

Statistics – writing impediments

We get a lot of great submissions, but it’s no secret that we turn away over 95% of what we see. The stories we reject vary widely in quality. Some, though, have peculiarities of formatting that lead me to suspect the authors are facing unusual obstacles. In addition, I’m very confident that some of our submitters don’t have English as a native language. Beautiful writing will always be a criterion for Metaphorosis – that’s the…

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Revision statistics – 2015-2016

Most of the stories we publish have gone through an editorial revision process. I’d estimate that less than 5% are accepted as is. And even the ones that I expect to require only light revision sometimes end up taking longer than expected. In short, revision is central to our acceptance system. As editor, I enjoy the process – the discussion with authors about what they’re really trying to say, the structural adjustments, the fine tuning.…

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Statistics – the first year

We opened to submissions on 1 October 2015, and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what’s come in over that first year. Raw numbers Submissions Total – 1,901 Average – 5.2/day High – 16/day Low – 0/day Words Total – 6,825,436 Novels’ worth – 68 (@100k words/novel) Average word count – 3,590 High – 24,000 Low – 200 Genres Fantasy 41% Science fiction 36% Other or mixed 23% Acceptance rate…

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More on rewrites – statistics, first 8 months

We recently published some statistics on rewrites. One thing we didn’t dig into in detail is just how many rewrites are involved. A word on process – when I offer an author a chance to rewrite, we’re entering into a relationship. It’s a rare case when I say to the author, “Fix these few things and I’ll buy your story.” (Even when I do, not everyone takes the offer). What I’m saying is “Let’s have…

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Multiple submissions – the first 9 months

We offer overview feedback for multiple (>5 stories) submitters, but we hide the info away at the very bottom of our Rejectomancy page, and not many people know about it. I heard from a writer today who had submitted to us many times, but hadn’t run across this little tidbit. Out of curiosity, I took a quick and messy look at how many people do submit more than once. Out of 1,368 submissions to date,…

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Payment methods survey

In light of some recent frustration with PayPal, we surveyed submitters about their preferred payment method. The short answer – PayPal, for all its difficulties, is the best answer. We asked three questions: What payment methods do you have available? What’s your preferred payment method? Do you either live in the US or have a US bank account? The results were very clear. Most people have PayPal and can take a personal check. A large…

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