The World of Poo – Terry Pratchett

Discworld #39a

Young Geoffrey, sent to visit his grandmother in the big city of Ankh-Morpork, has a chance encounter with avian excrement, and decides to open the world’s first poo museum.

Apparently this is something of a meta-book, having been mentioned in the Discworld novel Snuff. The book brims with Terry Pratchett’s characteristic humor, forthrightly brought to bear on a basic human need. It’s not his funniest book, but it’s light, good-natured, and fun. The illustrations are nice, if not as light-hearted as one might hope.

The plot and characterization are pretty simplistic, but that’s not really what the book is about. It reads more as an off-the cuff in-joke that’s also accessible to outsiders.

The World of Poo is a quick, easy read that’s a fitting cap to Pratchett’s long Discworld series (though it’s been available in the UK for some years). If you liked his other books (and you should), you’ll like this.

Received free copy of book in exchange for honest review.

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