Beautifully written science fiction and fantasy.

Mr. McAvennie’s Freedom – Dan Micklethwaite

Are you here for business or pleasure?” Do they even ask that anymore? Standing outside this door, in this dark hallway, fifteen miles from the airport, he can’t remember if they ever have, of him. Perhaps they simply see him coming, always in his fine grey suit and pale blue shirt, his briefcase swinging in one hand, his smartphone in the other; the latter switched expertly out for his passport, battered and creased with regular…

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Solomon and the Dragon’s Tongue – Molly Etta

Before he went by Solomon, the stranger’s name was Shlomo. He seemed at first unremarkable, apart from being new, and in palpable need of a wife. Yutke’s mother began to snoop as soon as she noticed that he did not wear the tallis which marks a married man. “How do you know that?” asked Yutke. “I saw, at shul.” “And what were you doing, that you could see whether he was wearing a tallis or…

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A Song Without a Voice – Brad Preslar

Dahlia traced the melody on her tablet and her song poured from speakers hidden around the subway station. It burrowed into Jonah’s ear and asked a question only she could answer. It dug into his brain and found his memories of her. The melody scraped and scratched until the scars gave way and some trace of what he once felt for her leaked out. At least, she hoped it did. He cocked his head. In…

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Tides of Reflection – Mark Rookyard

The winds whispered promises of winter as they plucked with cold fingers at Silven’s shawl. She held it tighter around her shoulders and tucked her hair behind her ear. It was quiet on the cliff tops, the world seemingly shocked into appalled silence after the violence of the storm the night before. The sky was a parched blue, and diamonds of light danced on the sea under hazy pink clouds. The path along the clifftop…

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Gathering Dust – Meryl Stenhouse

There’s a bench I like to sit on, with my legs tucked up, pretending I’m just another student on break from university. People always have a smile for me—a young woman in the sun—until they see the sores and the thin wrists and then their eyes slide up and away, up and away as if they have just remembered something important. I grin at them and pick at the scratches on my arms, mindlessly or…

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Murder on the Adriana – James Ross

Go to sleep, both of you. Do you want a sad story, or a happy story? You’re right, I don’t know many happy stories. Did I ever tell you about the time I met Emily Davis on board the Adriana? It is a sad story, but there were some happy moments. No, this isn’t a war story, the Adriana was a cruise-liner. One of the very finest. This was just after the war. Hush now,…

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