It came from Christopher Cervelloni

Christopher Cervelloni’s story “Trucks in Reverse” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 9 June 2017. “Trucks in Reverse” started with a simple question: Can bad people in one context be great people in another? I have always loved speculative fiction and found it to be the right place to explore this question. Through many drafts, I stayed focused on the idea that people sometimes must do bad things to protect and care for the ones…

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Trucks in Reverse – Christopher Cervelloni

Kevin’s dad drove the huge water truck out the town gate every Wednesday morning. The brake lights glowed bright red when the truck stopped and the guards opened the gate. The lights dimmed, then disappeared as the truck rolled out beyond the town’s fortified walls. On those mornings, Kevin’s mom always woke early to boil the water and pour coffee into his dad’s big thermos. She packed him the best of their pantry: seasonal fruit…

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A question for Christopher Cervelloni

Q: How does writing speculative fiction affect your daily life (not as a writer but as a person)?

A: Speculative fiction has changed the way I look at the things we consider “everyday” objects or events. I drive to work every day, but a car would have been “speculative fiction” to George Washington. I send text messages frequently, but has a phone’s use for actually talking become obsolete? I’m constantly thinking: What new device will come that will change everything we know about the world, and — more importantly — am I conscious of the changes that are happening to me right now?

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