Bye Bye Skinny Cow – Hamilton Perez

“Excuse me,” Cash tried again, “you’re not a doctor, are you?” Another bemused look and shake of the head. “Oh, okay, thanks anyway,” he said to their backs. The warm bundle in his arms groaned uncomfortably. It was the first Cash had heard from him all day. He took it as a good sign—beggars not choosers and all. One after the other, people came and went from the office, filtering in and out fluidly by…

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Another question for Hamilton Perez

Q: What’s your favorite story?

A: I really love stories about reluctant friendship, where two enemies are forced to work together and over time they begrudgingly start to care. Begrudgement isn’t appreciated enough in modern friendships.

Hamilton Perez’s story “Bye Bye Skinny Cow” was
published on Friday, 6 April 2018.

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It came from Hamilton Perez

Hamilton Perez’s story “Strix Antiqua” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 16 September 2016. I’ve always been fascinated by old myths and folktales, and I like to keep compendiums of magical creatures close at hand when I’m writing. In one such compendium I discovered the strix, a bird from Roman mythology often associated with witches, owls, and the consumption of human flesh. Seemed like good material to work with. The first thing that came to…

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Strix Antiqua – Hamilton Perez

I didn’t want to go back into those woods. I didn’t trust them, and I suppose they didn’t trust me either. But deep down, I knew—I had to go. You can’t just stay at home, whispering to God on bended knee when your little sister’s been taken by a witch. Police combed through the forest during the day but didn’t find anything. They wouldn’t of course. A witch takes people when they’re alone, not in…

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