Heartwood – L. Chan

The sorcerer wove his beloved out of the finest silks and linens, the poorest of which was fit for any earthly king. Across her neckline and cuffs, he affixed the most delicate lace, threads more slender than spiderwebs, lighter than a lover’s breath. He scoured his Mansion of a Hundred Rooms for bolts of cloth; gifts from fellow sorcerers, from superstitious lords, from the jealous summer fae, from workers of enchantment and loom. These he…

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Another question for L. Chan

Q: What’s an idea you’re dying to write but haven’t, and why?

A: I’ve always wanted to write about traditional customs in modern or futuristic contexts. Witches using iPads (done!), the merits of reincarnation versus immortality (or cloning vs uploading to computers, also done)… One day I’m going to have characters celebrate Chinese New Year in space.

L. Chan’s story “Heartwood” will be published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 5 May 2017. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.

More about L. Chan

Since his last publication in Metaphorosis, L Chan has acquired his post graduate degree and moved back to Singapore. He continues to write all manner of speculative fiction, makes up funny comments about cats on the Internet and has reacquired his dog. He has been accused of being a self-aware meme-propagating bot. He’s still looking for the perfect cup of coffee.


L. Chan’s story “Heartwood” will be published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 5 May 2017. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.

Metaphorosis: Best of 2016

Metaphorosis: Best of 2016

Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine.

The best science fiction and fantasy stories from Metaphorosis magazine’s first year. Mysterious languages, unusual dogs, solitude, alien communications, and magic. Available for pre-order now.

  • The Demon in the Page – Joshua Phillip Johnson
  • Heard – Elise Forier Edie
  • In Dew and Frost and Flame – Vanessa Fogg
  • The Heresy Machine – Gerald Warfield
  • Gathering Dust – Meryl Stenhouse
  • So, You’re In an Alternate Universe – Jeremy Packert Burke
  • Solomon and the Dragon’s Tongue – Molly Etta
  • Spoiler: She Leaves Him – Jack Noble
  • The World’s Secret Heartbeat – Aatif Rashid
  • Whalesong – L. Chan
  • How to Survive a Fish Attack – Kato Thompson
  • My Dog is the Constellation Canis Major – Jarod K. Anderson
  • The Sea Bank of Svalbard South – Octavia Cade

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It came from L. Chan

L. Chan’s story “Whalesong” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 15 April 2016. “Whalesong” started out with a single prompt-like line: the 50 hertz whale is the hero. The 50 hertz whale, also known as the loneliest whale in the world, is a solitary whale who sings at a frequency that other whales can’t hear. The jury is still out on whether there’s truth to that particular factoid, but it formed the kernel of this…

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