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Midnight’s Second Station – Chloe Smith

May 2022

Errant had studied the reports, had marveled, had thought he’d understood as much as anyone did—but his eyes still rejected their first sight of Midnight’s trees.

He squinted down through the shuttle’s window. A few hours before sunset, the passing terrain was a crumpled expanse of ashy browns and pinks, covered by the pale, irregular blooms of fungal webs and the fine, regular lines of insulated pipes. Interspersed among both of these patterns, though, was another: an array of shapes cut out of absolute darkness. As much as Errant tried to make out gradations of color or get a sense of form, he saw only absence, shapes like holes gnawed through to the realm of antimatter, even as the pilot angled their craft downward and the ground rose to meet them.

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Midnight’s Second Station – Chloe Smith

Errant had studied the reports, had marveled, had thought he’d understood as much as anyone did—but his eyes still rejected their first sight of Midnight’s trees.
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Medusa Rising – Christine Lucas

Long ago, it was scholars and archaeologists who came knocking on Lengo’s door, asking permission to go search her land for antiquities.
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Indicative of Future Results – C.H. Rosenberg

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It came from J. Tynan Burke

J. Tynan Burke’s story “The Unlucky Few Who Must Not Cast” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 19 November 2021. Addiction treatment focuses on sin—we have programs for alcohol, drugs, sex, overeating, gambling, and so forth. Overindulging in virtuous behavior, by contrast, is called heroism. But that can have negative outcomes, too, especially in speculative fiction—how many times have Marvel heroes wrecked Manhattan, to say nothing of their own bodies? Should people like that have …

It came from Matthew Gomez

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Another question for Chloe Smith

Q: Are you a Luddite? Or do you have the latest and greatest technology?

A: I’m a member of the Oregon Trail generationthe people who got the internet at home when they were children or teens, who know the sound of dial-up, might have gotten their first cell phone when they went off to college, and definitely had social media accounts by the time they graduated. As a result, although I remember life before everything was digitally connected, I’ve always had to adapt to evolving technology. I try to be comfortable with new platforms, media, and devices, but I also don’t value any of it for its own sake. Technology is really just a big umbrella term for an expanding set of tools. Like storytelling, the value is in how it’s used.

Chloe Smith’s story “Midnight’s Second Station
in Metaphorosis Friday, 27 May 2022.
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June 2022

June 2022

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  • Since We Don’t Have Wings — Gwen Whiting
  • Time, Wolf, Emit, Flow — Anna Madden
  • Her Spirit Animal — L.A.W. Butler
  • Tashala’s Hair — Richard Strachan

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