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The Hissing Trees – Ian Donnell Arbuckle

August 2022

The biovin Charis heard the rumors about the messenger long before he arrived at her laboratory. The watergirls whispered that he had come from the Calomlands, further east than their maps could show with any accuracy. He bore an important text for the yurchief, said one of the boiler technicians, though nobody had heard even a hint of the contents. One of the guard faithful let slip that the messenger had personally angered the yurchief and had been restrained almost immediately upon his arrival.

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September 2022

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A question for Hope Davies

Q: How do you generate story ideas, and how soon do you act on them?

A: My stories tend to come from things that have intrigued or bothered me — things I want to explore my own perspectives on, clarified by the lense of, usually, speculative fiction. When I get an idea, I tend to act on it fairly quickly, even if acting on it just means jotting down a sentence or a paragraph in a google doc. It tends to take much longer to work itself into an actual story though, and those early notes rarely bear much of a resemblance to the idea I end up committing to.

Hope Davies’s story “Frozen in Glass
in Metaphorosis Friday, 26 August 2022.
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September 2022

MetaphorosisBeautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine.

All the stories from the month, plus author biographies, interviews, and story origins.

Table of Contents

  • To the Wild Sea — B. Morris Allen
  • For the Love of Wild Things — Mande Matthews
  • Her Last Will — Karl El-Koura
  • Portals and Other Lost Things — Elizabeth Rankin
  • Infinite Possibilities — Michael Gardner

Cover art by Carol Wellart.

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It came from Devin Miller

Devin Miller’s story “A Lie in the Sand” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 4 February 2022. My girlfriend, also a writer, is much more musical than I am, and she has a tendency to get story ideas from songs. This habit seems to be catching, as the seed of this story was Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”. The setting and mood of the story originated in the song, especially drawing on the lines, “Far …

A question for Mia Ram

Q: What hero (of any gender) would you name your child after, if we lived in a society with names like that?

A: Moon Knight. It’s a name that commands attention, both from peers and from ancient Egyptian gods. Moon Knight is a great namesake because he’s a hero whose identity is in perpetual flux. He becomes whatever he needs to be in the moment, and that’s the kind of philosophy I’d like to impart to the next generation. Fancy gadgets and super strength are all well and good, but true power is the power to adapt and change.

Mia Ram’s story “The Crystal Pyramid
in Metaphorosis Friday, 19 August 2022.
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