We’re still in the development and tweaking phases, so this may change, but we’ll try to keep it current.

  1. We’re not particularly interested in your personal data.
    We’re here to provide good speculative fiction, and everything else is in service of that. That said, we do collect some information – sometimes on purpose, sometimes as a by-product.
  2. Site traffic analysis.
    We use Google Analytics and Auttomattic’s Jetpack WordPress Stats. We use these to track how many visitors we have, how they came to us, and what they’re interested in, at an aggregate level. We’re looking here at broad numbers, not individuals.
  3. Subscription.
    We’re still working out which subscription service to use. Options include MailChimp and Auttomattic’s Jetpack Subscription plugin. Each will collect an e-mail address, which we’ll use to automatically send you updates about the latest stories, reviews, posts, and perhaps comments. It’s possible we’d also send notifications about administrative news (e.g., a writers’ pay rate increase) or best-of anthologies. We won’t sell the information.
  4. Patreon.
    We use Patreon to encourage donations to keep Metaphorosis running. Patreon will ask for contact and financial info in order to process the donation. We don’t see the financial info. We will use the contact info to provide access to donor-only posts, monthly e-books, and other goodies.
    This should go without saying, but if you post a comment on our site, the comment is public. We’ll try to remove comments that go well beyond the bounds of polite but vehement discussion.
  6. Comments again.
    There are a few areas of the site that encourage you to post material of your own. We may take that material (with whatever attribution you provide) and incorporate it in the relevant page. By commenting on those pages, you agree to our use of the material.
  7. Cookies.
    Some of our services set cookies. For example, we may have a subscription pop-up. If you allow cookies, you’ll only see it once. Other cookies may recognize you so that you don’t have to re-enter identifying information for comments. You can always turn cookies off.
  8. Submissions
    We will, very occasionally, send you e-mail, such as an e-mail announcing an annual fundraiser. If you agree to participate in surveys, we may ask you questions a couple of times a year.

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