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  1. Read again!

    “We also offer publish monthly issues that gather all the stories from the month into a nice e-book with cover art.”

    • Hi- do you publish hard copies of the monthly magazine? I’d like a copy of this month’s issue with David Gray’s story. How would I get a copy? Thanks!

  2. How do I buy a copy of the January issue? There doesn’t seem to be anything to buy in the ‘Subscribe and Buy’ link?

    • Paul,

      You were absolutely right, and this was a much-needed reminder to update the page. Links are now above, and publications are at

      We’re in the process of publishing prior issues. The January 2018 issue is not yet available, but should be by about July. All issues will be available as e-books, and the 2018 issues may also be available as pocket paperbacks.

      Thanks for raising this.


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