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Familiar in Her Angles – E.A. Brenner

The trees in this part of the Dragonwood are thin and lanky, like growing boys, like her own willowy limbs, but Lina has no interest in the trees, or young men, or the body that conveys her, stomping feet falling where they will. Her thoughts are for the great lizards, those remote majestic beasts sunning themselves on the high rocks jutting from the tree line. She looks up to patches of hot blue sky through…

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It came from Beston Barnett

Beston Barnett’s story “Velaya, the Dreaming City” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 16 March 2018. “Velaya” was very much inspired by Lord Dunsany, who was a writer of quirky little fantasies in the pre-Tolkien era. I had been fooling around with different voices and styles in my writing, and thought Dunsany’s high, Biblical language would be interesting to mimic. Of course, what you set out to do is never quite what you do do,…

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A question for Kai Hudson

Q: Are titles easy or hard for you? Do you start with the title or the story?

A: Titles are pretty easy, mostly because I try to stay short and sweet. So long as it expresses the theme of my story, I’m good with it. I usually write the piece before I generate the title, but on at least one occasion I’ve written and planned an entire novel based on a title that came to me out of the blue one day. My muse works in mysterious ways.

Kai Hudson’s story “Combustion” will be
published on Friday, 28 September 2018.

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The Yarnball Woman – Michael Milne

By the third time Patricia lost a finger, everyone knew better than to raise a fuss. Her family hadn’t always been this calm. When the first finger, a knuckle’s-worth of her left pinky, had fallen plumply into her dinner salad, there had been an enormous commotion. Her young daughters screamed and bolted into the back yard, and hours later had to be coaxed back inside. Jack fumbled with the phone in the kitchen, trying to…

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