Choice – Tomas Marcantonio

The giant apartment complex was unfinished, like almost everything else in Pyongyang. It loomed over the city, a grey, oval-shaped mass rising like a fungal growth on the bank of the Taedong River, swarming with half-lived lives. The western side was wall-less, held together with sagging electrical wires and iron bones stripped of their skin. Multitudes of drones hovered outside windows, transporting deliveries or simply spying, like mechanical wasps searching for a nectar that no …

It came from Thea Boodhoo

Thea Boodhoo’s story “A Layer Thin As Breath” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 12 July 2019. About seven years ago, I decided it was time to read Asimov. Somewhere deep into the Foundation series, I felt inspired to create a short story in his style, which seemed to rely on all the action happening in meetings where people sitting around conference tables had heated conversations about what other people were doing in space. That …

A question for C.B. Blakey

Q: Why do you write speculative rather than realistic fiction?

A: My love of speculative fiction is a disease that struck in childhood. When I was 7, my parents gave me a book of Greek and Norse myths and another of Arthurian tales. Ever since then I’ve devoured every fantasy novel I can get my hands on. When I started writing my own stories back in 2014, there was never a chance that I would choose a different genre. I love the freedom that speculative fiction provides, both as a writer and as a reader. Beyond the constraints of our own world, we can do anything.

C.B. Blakey’s story “Bedwyr by the Sea
in Metaphorosis Friday, 24 January 2020.
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February 2020

Table of Contents

    • Pyrrha — Antony Paschos
    • Heart of Stone — Chris Cornetto
    • Grow, Divide, Sacrifice, Thrive — Jo Miles
    • Sonata II: Shailani — L. Chan

Cover art by Carol Wellart.

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Magical Whistleblower Tells All – Michael Sherrin

August 19 FLYING MAN CLAIMS MAGIC IS REAL London – Magic exists, says Thaddeus Seams, 37. Mr. Seams claims to be a wizard belonging to a secret society with real magical abilities. Monday morning, Mr. Seams landed in Trafalgar Square, dressed in velvet robes and holding an alleged magic wand. “It looked like real magic,” said Daisey Patricks, 53, who was present when Mr. Seams arrived. “He was flying above our heads, then landed in …