… and now He erases – Rhoads Brazos

He calls me the Motorcycle Man. One word? Possibly. I’ve never seen it in print. Certainly never needed to scratch it on paper. The Boy knew my proper name up until last week, when he forgot. I forgive him. Besides, I like Motorcycle Man just fine. It says all it needs to. I’m forever wearing a white jumpsuit crossed with Dixie stars. My helmet appears on my head whenever I ride, but it’s gone when …

A question for Julia Warner

Q: What’s an idea you’re dying to write but haven’t, and why?

A: I have a deep fascination with ancient history and the myths and stories which have been passed down in some cultures for hundreds and even thousands of years. I’ve always wanted to write a fantasy story set in ancient times and draw inspiration from these literary fossils. Maybe the Chimera laid an egg before she was slain by Bellerophon. Maybe the children of Anubis could shapeshift into dogs. I think the reason I’ve never fleshed out any of these ideas is that writing in a time period which happened so long ago feels much more difficult than writing in the one you are experiencing for yourself or in a world of your own creation where you get to make up the rules. It sounds like a fun challenge though!

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About Henry Szabranski

Henry Szabranski was born in Birmingham, UK, and studied Astronomy & Astrophysics at Newcastle upon Tyne University, graduating with a degree in Theoretical Physics. He lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two young sons. He doesn’t believe in angels.

Henry Szabranski’s story “In the Belly of the Angel” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 29 January 2016. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.

Moog leaves

Moog leaves

Moog leaves are very handy to take with you, especially if you’re going on long trips that last years. Freshly picked and dried, probably they will last decades. They need water for resuscitation and the more water you add the plumper they will get. If you like steaks, make a little fire and cook the moog leaves, use some bot sauce and flip over when brown. Enjoy.

These are very tender. One moog leaf provides all the nutrients of proteins plus the edge of the leaves taste like kale with butter. Enjoy!

from the kitchen of Doris Chu


Lydia and the shark

Lydia and the shark

When I was 3 years old my parents had to work during the days. Most of the time I had a nanny Lydia, who would also clean house and take care of my lunch. Lydia mentioned that if you didn’t eat sharks, they wouldn’t eat you. As a child that seemed logical and I believed that. So when I was swimming in Haunauma Bay on Oahu, I ran into a shark. It was lucky that I had a speargun with me. I shot at the shark who it flipped its tail a few times and easily out distanced the spear, quickly. So maybe was Lydia right. I don’t eat sharks, and sharks don’t eat me.

from the notebooks of Doris Chu

Cat Play – Mari Ness

When the girl moves almost next door – across the way in our apartment complex – I lose my breath. Literally. She’s – well, gorgeous doesn’t begin to cover it. Long, incredibly rich black hair that you know just from looking at will feel like silk, and extraordinary eyes that I’ve never seen before – large, green, tilted, kinda cat shaped, really. The eyes are the first thing you see in the face, which is …