It came from Brad Preslar

It came from Brad Preslar

Brad Preslar’s story “A Song Without a Voice” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 13 May 2016.

Metaphorosis May 2016
May 2016

The inspiration for “A Song Without a Voice” came to me one summer at an outdoor concert.

In Nashville, everyone’s neighbors are in a band, ours included. Oddly enough, our neighbor’s band is Drew Holcombe and the Neighbors. My wife and I had gone to see them play an amphitheater show with several other bands from out of town. We knew Drew’s music, but hadn’t heard much of the other bands on the tour.

The headliner that night was NEEDTOBREATHE. Most of the people at the show were there to see them. They played a crowd favorite three-quarters of the way through their set, and everyone around us erupted.

The crowd knew every word. They stood, raised their hands and shouted the words back to the band. For the people that knew those words, that knew that song, it touched something inside them. It made them stand, made them sing, made them feel. It made them move. And I got to wondering what else a song could make us do.

I wanted to capture the power of the music, I wanted to bottle the lightning that filled that amphitheater.

That inspired me to write a story about how a person could use the power of a song.

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