Damien Krsteski’s story “Lake Oreyd” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 24 March 2017.

Metaphorosis March 2017
March 2017

The relationship between faith and science interests me as a social phenomenon: I won’t deny I’ve enjoyed following the rhetorical tug-of-war, rooting from the sidelines for one camp, then, in equal measure and in eager anticipation, for their opponent, scrambling in the ensuing fray for every nutritional nugget of food-for-thought among the verbal chaff. But metaphysical debating aside, the subject attracts me on a more personal level, too, as somebody who’s vacillated–been tossed, maybe?–between the two arguing parties, who’s tried to play one against the other as a precocious child might play his divorcing parents, cozening from each separately what he couldn’t from both together.

These two sides clash once more in the depths of Lake Oreyd. A subjective narrative from top to bottom, comprised of journal excerpts, interrogation tapes, hearsay and slander, a story in which every single character lies at least once (they are being interrogated, after all), a story set in a Universe almost-but-not-quite our own, sprinkled with clues and misdirection, was exactly the story I had to write to let these ideas play out.

And now that I have, and I read the story, again I find myself where I’ve always been: on the side, watching characters argue, agreeing first with one, then, inevitably, with the other, and everything, including the confusion, makes perfect sense.

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