It came from Filip Wiltgren

It came from Filip Wiltgren

Filip Wiltgren’s story “One Divided by Eternity” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 23 June 2017.

Metaphorosis June 2017
June 2017

There’s a small theater company in the town where I live, specializing in plays for kids and teens. I attended one of their openings, a fantasy play about a group of teenagers and their daydreams. Before the play, cast members walked around asking people “what would your best ending be?”

Just like that, I heard Chilli’s voice in my head, complaining about wanting Offie to move in. I had no idea who Chilli or Offie were, nor why they’d wanted to move in together. But that’s quite common for me – I’m a pantser. I’m in the “write it now, fix it later” category. Yeah, it leads to quite a lot of trunked stories, or stories that don’t pan out. But sometimes it leads to a story that I really, really like. And it’s a fun way to write.

I have to thank my writing group, the Robots, for all the great input that took Chilli and Offie from incomprehensible drivel to an actual story. Also, a great big thanks to all badly coded software I’ve been forced to work with through the ages. I’d never have written this story without the Blue Screen of Death.

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