Karolina Fedyk’s story “The Early History of the Moon” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 19 May 2017.

Metaphorosis May 2017
May 2017

Growing up in Poland, I couldn’t shake off the impression that we’re sort of guests and strangers in our own home—a place lost and regained over and over again. I am, of course, hardly the first to write about where such feelings come from; but in the national narrative, the history of partitions and the Duchy of Warsaw is epic and exalted. I wasn’t interested in grandstands. I was curious about ordinary people, those who had no means to fight, those who tried to live—survive—in spite of displacement. I wanted to know about the people omitted from history books, because, ultimately, they were the ones who kept telling the story and redefining home.

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