It came from N. Immanuel Velez

It came from N. Immanuel Velez

N. Immanuel Velez’s story “The Naked Me” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 17 February 2017.

Metaphorosis February 2017
February 2017

A few years ago on July 4th a friend of mine was telling a story about a girl he’d just met. A group of us listened, and very quickly it became clear that he was embellishing much of the detail. We all gave each other sly glances, but no one called him out on it. I thought if only I could read his mind to see what really happened. Then, out of the blue, maybe it was the alcohol, the question hit me, “What if he could read my mind, too?” I would know what really happened between him and the girl, and he would know that I knew.

The idea stayed with me mostly because it wasn’t the typical telepathy story where one person has the gift and no one else does. And it spawned a ton of questions. What would the world be like if everyone could read each other’s minds? Would we go crazy and kill each other? I thought that would be too easy of an answer. Could we learn to live like that, and how would society adapt? Once I started coming up with my own answers to that question the idea eventually developed into, “The Naked Me.”

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