It came from B. Morris Allen

It came from B. Morris Allen

B. Morris Allen’s story “A Conversion of Crows” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 1 September 2017.

Metaphorosis September 2017
September 2017

It may not be obvious at first glance, but “A Conversion of Crows” is a story about the rock group Whitesnake. Back in the days when they were good – no really, there was such a time – David Coverdale put out an album called White Snake, which included the song “Whitesnake”. It couldn’t have been any more Whitesnake, other than the fact that the band didn’t yet exist. That song (admittedly, not one of the good ones) had a line I heard as “She’ll help you make it in the crow light” which I thought sounded pretty interesting. I knew, deep down, that Mr. Coverdale was unlikely to have written with so few references to sex, but I like the way it sounded anyway.

Many years later, it occurred to me to figure out what he had actually said (“She help you make it in the cold light”) and, having succumbed to disappointment, decided to do something with what should have been. I sat down to write a story about crow light. This was my first attempt. While I liked it, it veered pretty far from what I’d intended originally, so I sat down to write another (“Outburst”, coming out at Cast of Wonders). I liked that one too, but it still wasn’t what I’d intended, so some day I’ll sit down and give it another try. Eventually, there will be a story legitimately called “In the Crow Light”. I’m eager to see what it’s about.

This scenery is stolen directly from the Hart’s Cove trail on Cascade Head, a protected area of the Oregon coast very close to where I live (when I can). There’s a hidden cove full of seals, occasional coyotes on the path, greenery, rain, and quite a few slugs. I added most of the crows, and some of the magic.

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