Patrick Doerksen’s story “Notes Towards a New Fairytale” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 3 November 2017. Metaphorosis

“Notes towards a New Fairtale” was written at a hinge moment in my life. I was trying to decide whether or not to go “all in” with fiction or to let myself keep dabbling and making more career-oriented lifestyle choices. I was discouraged by a number of rejections and feeling quite lost; so I wrote a story about a woman who passes up on her childhood dream to shock myself awake.

The idea came separately: I began to wonder what it would be like to be friends with an entity that guarded a forbidden tree—Ladon, say, the sleepless guardian of the Hesperides. Well, the nature of that relationship would be inherently Tragic, wouldn’t it? I set the story in Germany because I was living in Berlin at the time, and because I was interested in German folklore.

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