It came from A. Martine

It came from A. Martine

A. Martine’s story “Just a Fire” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 17 August 2018.

Metaphorosis August 2018
August 2018

“Just a Fire” was initially inspired by a lifelong love of fairy tales and mythologies from around the world; their occasional absurdity triggered in me a strong interest in retellings and parodies. More specifically, it was the manner in which stories across time and cultures resembled each other that I always found compelling, and I’ve always wanted to feature that in one of my tales.

As I began to write “Just a Fire”, however, I found myself drawn to another aspect of storytelling: the notion of subjective truths and bendable perceptions. At its core, more so than a take on a portion of Norse mythology, this is about the way miscommunications and grudges (petty and profound) can divide people on the notion of what they know and believe to be fact.

“Just A Fire” is the first of many stories I set in the fictional country of Lorendi, each of the pieces detailing how famous fairy tale and mythology incidents have impacted their respective characters, often in the form of conflict involving unreliable points of view, rumors and damaging word-of-mouth.

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