It came from C. Heidmann

It came from C. Heidmann

C. Heidmann’s story “Time’s Arrow” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 6 July 2018.

Metaphorosis July 2018
July 2018

A typical what-if moment inspired this story. What if aliens came along and made actual resurrection from the dead possible?

Aliens are, for me, the ultimate mystery and I strove to keep them mysterious in this story. If they are technologically advanced, they could be capable of anything—up to and including resurrecting our dead, and without necessarily explaining their motivations. —What if they truly were just benevolent beings from the stars, showering humanity with the benefits of their knowledge, sharing their technologies and advancements, without expecting anything in return? And who wouldn’t want their dead loved ones returned to them? Who could say no to that? That last question brought forth the character of Talia and unraveling her motivations for maybe not being so keen on having her mother brought back from the dead.

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