It came from Kathryn Yelinek (yet again)

It came from Kathryn Yelinek (yet again)

Kathryn Yelinek’s story “Cinders and Snow” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 28 December 2018.

Metaphorosis December 2018
December 2018

“Cinders and Snow” was inspired by events in the life of someone I know, but the details are not mine to share. Suffice it to say I’ve known several people who would never describe themselves as princes (of any gender), but who are the gentlest, most caring people I know–certainly princes (of any gender) in all the right ways. These people have overcome personal hardships that might have broken me, but they survived and thrived. I wanted to put a character like that into the traditional role of prince, but such a story didn’t feel right with a traditional “the prince rescues the girl and they all live happily ever after” ending, because the effects of abuse can last a lifetime. Instead I went for a story where the two characters–prince and his lady love–rescue each other and live “next to happy” ever after.

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