It came from Lindsey Duncan

It came from Lindsey Duncan

Lindsey Duncan’s story “Family Tree” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 21 December 2018.

Metaphorosis December 2018
December 2018

“Family Tree” started as a writing prompt. I belonged to an online speculative fiction writers’ group who had weekly hour-long write-ins, called “Friday Night Writes,” even though they weren’t always on Fridays (and weren’t even always at night). One writer would post a prompt, and everyone else would get down as much as they could in that hour, then share their pieces. It was always great fun. I don’t remember what the prompt was for “Family Tree,” but I suspect it had something to do with writing from a villain’s point of view. I’ve done this in the past, but I must have been in a lighter mood, because my brain went in a tongue-in-cheek direction, considered a retired evil overlord – make that an evil overmother. The opening of “Family Tree” fell out from there, with Othri’s letter kicking off the plot. That was as far as I got during the free-write. I came back to it later to build out the story. One of the first things I decided I needed was an ally for Othri, and that brought Kebra into the story: not a willowy, timid forest sprite, but the kind of hardy creature that would spring from a ravaged forest. … and, of course, that’s how I came up with the title.

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