It came from Gunnar De Winter

It came from Gunnar De Winter

Gunnar De Winter’s story “The Lonely King” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 29 November 2019. Metaphorosis

As most of my stories, this one too began with a single image, a scene, quite often the flimsy remains of a dream. For “The Lonely King”, it was an old weathered king sitting on a throne in a half-ruined tower, in the middle of a desert and exposed to the elements.

With that image in my mind, I began exploring how that could be part of a story. I decided to focus implicitly on the fundamental (?) gap between rulers and those that are ruled. Even the most beneficent ruler can feel like a burden or tyrant due to the simple fact of ruling.

Here, then, was the tension that would drive the story. I upped the game, if you will, by making the king an immortal being that had no choice but to rule, a being that had come into existence only to rule. But rather than make him a villain, as might be an easier route, he genuinely wants to best for his subjects. That, however, would mean becoming superfluous. His ‘solution’ was to become invisible in a way, which is a bit of a hint that freedom is often illusory.

Hope you liked it.

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