It came from Jennifer Shelby

It came from Jennifer Shelby

Jennifer Shelby’s story “Zsezzyn, Who Is Not a God” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 12 June 2020. Metaphorosis

My toddler has a toy turtle which lights up and projects stars onto the ceiling. Like most kids her age, she’s nervous of the dark and often turns it on when I’m putting her to bed. One night I blocked out several of the stars with my hand and she started to cry. As I tried to imagine how she might have perceived those missing stars, I found the story.

Zsezzyn’s story is also about a damaged inheritance. I listen to what scientists say about climate change and wonder how my children will react to the world they inherit. Zsezzyn’s father believes he’s handing her a legacy to be proud of but to Zsezzyn it is the ruins of a universe, devoid of potential.

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