It came from Michael Sherrin

It came from Michael Sherrin

Michael Sherrin’s story “Magic Whistleblower Tells All” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 10 January 2020. Metaphorosis

The inspirations for “Magical Whistleblower Tells All” are worn on its sleeve, from Harry Potter to Buffy to the many other secret magical world stories. I love many of these, though I’ve always found the reasoning to keep magic or monsters or technology a secret lacking. Often, I feel, the secrecy is meant to allow the suspension of disbelief, that this world could exist in reality (much like the many of us eagerly awaiting Hogwarts invitations).

This story challenges the premise that keeping power secret is somehow a good thing. I aimed to develop reasoning for the secrecy, giving a different point of view to this common trope, and then unmask it for all harm it does, ideally for the purpose of relating it to our real world restrictions – income inequality, patented drugs, DRMed information – all ways useful tools are restricted from many who would value them.

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