It came from Peter T. Donahue

It came from Peter T. Donahue

Peter T. Donahue’s story “Favorites from Here and Abroad” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 13 September 2019. Metaphorosis

I wanted to write a piece of speculative fiction that drew from my classroom philosophy. As a writing teacher, I operate on the assumption that reality is socially constructed. Whether or not this is true, the stance helps me to create more effective writing assignments and give more effective feedback. So, I wondered, in the future, would reality be socially constructed for artificial intelligences? Can a human-like intelligence emerge outside a social matrix, or is the social matrix necessary? These questions led to the first draft of “Favorites,” which was a horribly boring philosophical debate between Polybus and Dokka. Once Tuuli emerged as the emotional center of the piece, the story began to take shape.

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