It came from James Rumpel

It came from James Rumpel

James Rumpel’s story “Madam Savva’s Magical Emporium” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 6 November 2020. Metaphorosis

“Madam Savva’s Magical Emporium” was written at the end of March 2020. There were a lot of strange and unprecedented things happening in our world at that time, most of them negative. I had friends and family who were struggling with fear and adjusting to quarantine. My goal was to write a positive, upbeat tale to remind myself and everyone else that sometimes good things happen to good people. I wanted to create a story about someone having unexpected good fortune and I think I was lucky enough to come up with an interesting way for that to happen.

Once I started writing, the story took shape fairly quickly, especially when I found a way to work in a little word play. I love puns and was ecstatic that I could sneak in a few within the confines of the story.

I write because it’s fun, and I had a good time putting this piece together. I hope others will enjoy it also.

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