It came from Martin Westlake

It came from Martin Westlake

Martin Westlake’s story “Going Home” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 12 March 2021. Metaphorosis

In the first place, ‘Going Home’ is drawn from, and is a conflation of, a number of lived experiences and/or curiosities that have fascinated me over the years.

  • The strange tale of the Ekranoplan, developed in Soviet Russian times and then abandoned;
  • The howl of the Avro Vulcan bomber – once heard as a child and never forgotten;
  • The Tunguska event;
  • My personal acquaintance with Europe’s last living Marial visionary, Gilberte Degeimbre, and the mixture of high euphoria and excruciating pain that she experienced and recounted to me — on the one hand, the joy of the visions, on the other, the pain of deprivation, once the visions had stopped;
  • The account of an old Welsh miner I interviewed for a biography I was writing, who was dead scared of the trip down to the bottom of the pit in the ‘cage’ every morning but exulted in the camaraderie he experienced once he got down there. I wove into this mixture the tale of a man’s addiction to his work, to the neglect of his family — a reality I have witnessed many times in my professional life.

The rest was imagination!

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