It came from Ryan Priest

It came from Ryan Priest

Ryan Priest’s story “A Universe All to Himself” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 16 April 2021. Metaphorosis

I grew up all over the Southwest. Colorado, Texas, California, the former frontier lands. When staring out at the great plains or the vast Rocky Mountains I often think of the people from the past. The catastrophic loneliness of a frontiersman or a scout. There will be new frontiers in our future and new explorers needed to map them. We will get brand new types of heroes, flying through space and maybe even dimensions we haven’t discovered yet. This story tries to examine both.

I was inspired by the stories of gold hungry miners, ex-slaves still looking for their freedom, lone Native Americans without a tribe wandering through a seemingly endless wilderness with nothing but their thoughts and their iron will to keep them company. What makes that type of will? Is it something we’re either born with or an ability that develops after trial and tribulation? Willpower, when used effectively, has created the greatest feats of mankind. Where else might it take us?

Where are we going as a species? Are we going to reach other planets and is it just planets all the way down to the end of time or will we learn to take on new dimensions, new modalities of thought. What will a ‘day’ mean when there’s no Sun to rotate around? We can never go back to the days of past. There is only the future for us and the beautiful thing about the future is, anything can happen.

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