It came from Sharmon Gazaway

It came from Sharmon Gazaway

Sharmon Gazaway’s story “Autumn’s Come Undone” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 23 April 2021. Metaphorosis

“Autumn’s Come Undone” began as a poem, a pantoum. I’d always wanted to write about a season personified. I had been focusing on poetry and wanted to get back to stories, so I thought this poem could be expanded. I’d also been reading about dryads and they somehow strayed into Autumn’s story. My original poem image of Autumn was much darker. She had black hair and teetered over the edge of madness. She evolved into a fiery redhead, but kept that underlying hint of madness—a break with rational thought. I wanted to explore a character who gives herself over fully to her emotions and the passion of the moment, and discover what the cost and aftermath might look like.

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