About Lisa Fox

About Lisa Fox

Lisa Fox is a pharmaceutical market researcher by day and fiction writer by night. She enjoys crafting short stories and short screenplays across genres, but her passion is for Speculative Fiction/Drama hybrids. She thrives on the thrill of creating something out of nothing, in transforming life’s ‘what ifs’ to prose that flashes a mirror on the human condition. As a writer, nothing makes her happier than having readers say her work made them feel something or look at the world in a different way.

Lisa has been writing since childhood, but took a too-long hiatus from the creative world after graduating from college when the responsibilities of work and family took precedence. She started writing again just over three years ago and likens it to getting back together with an old friend.

A resident of northern New Jersey, USA, Lisa relishes the chaos of everyday suburban life. She and her husband Dan are kept busy by the comings and goings of their two sons, ages 14 and 10, and by the demands of their couch-dwelling golden retriever. Lisa hopes to begin working on a novel in the foreseeable future – she just needs to get those first few words on the page.

lisafoxiswriting.wordpress.com, @iamlisafox10800

Lisa Fox’s story “A Time for Understanding
in Metaphorosis Friday, 15 November 2019.
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