About Jordan Chase-Young

About Jordan Chase-Young

Jordan Allan Chase-Young was machine-pressed into a science-fiction and fantasy writer by the cold grey skies of Oregon, where he spent most of his life. Now he is gingerly avoiding buff kangaroos and kamikaze magpies in the strange desolation of Australia, with his wife and one cactus, while reading and writing speculative fiction more ardently than ever—that is, when not nose-deep in texts about history, economics, future studies, or global catastrophic risk in search of why civilizations thrive or flounder. He is mostly optimistic about humanity’s potential to turn the dead, quiet universe outside our pale blue dot into a living, thinking one. He enjoys hiking, video games, Twitter, astrobiology, and illustration, and wishes he had more time to draw like he used to.

ebookofthenewsun.wordpress.com, @jachaseyoung

Jordan Chase-Young’s story “Shards
in Metaphorosis Friday, 17 July 2020.
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