About Philip McCulloch-Downs

About Philip McCulloch-Downs

Philip has spent all his adult life exploring and refining his creative skills and has learned how to process the varied experiences of everyday life through his art, video-making, novels, and poetry. This body of work is continuously evolving and entirely personal, forming a visual diary of his life.

In 2014 he entered the world of veganism and animal rights, which lead to him becoming an ‘artivist’. His uncompromising paintings in this field are an attempt to recognise and dignify the creatures we abuse, and to bear witness to their suffering by recording it with accuracy, empathy and compassion.

He lives on a hilltop in Somerset with his partner Catherine and two moody tortoiseshell cats.

www.philipdownsart.co.uk, instagram.com/vegan_artivist

Philip McCulloch-Downs‘s image “The Strange Journey” is the cover art for our April 2020 issue.

April 2020

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