About E.A. Petricone

About E.A. Petricone

E.A. Petricone writes strange, dark, and often absurd fiction. She obsessively collects square and rectangle Post-It note pads in all colors and sizes and uses them to scribble on and paper all over her walls. Her notebook is just a 6×8 Post-It.

She is the friend who makes sure you have enough snacks—and if she sees your cat, she is going to try to start a conversation with it.

She was hesitant about the whole Twitter thing but has discovered it’s wicked fun to connect with other speculative SF/F writers and complain about writing. And of course talk about stories she loves (often with cute animal gifs). She lives in Massachusetts.

www.eapetricone.com, @eapetricone

E.A. Petricone’s story “Not All Rot Is Ruin
in Metaphorosis Friday, 22 January 2021.
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