About Matthew Gomez

About Matthew Gomez

Matthew Gomez believes that a story’s magic lies in its ability to transpose us into another being’s existence, and that the empathy learned there helps us grow in uncharted ways. He serves as the podcast editor for Metaphorosis Magazine and is a graduate of Regis University’s Mile-High MFA program. One of his earliest heartbreaks occurred when he learned his best friend had lied when he promised hoverboards, like those in Back to the Future Part II, would be available to the public in the mid-90’s. It’s still the litmus test he uses to determine whether we’ve made it to the future he dreamt of during his childhood.

Find him online at www.gomezwrites.com or on Twitter at @golongria.

Matthew Gomez’s story “Right Behind You
in Metaphorosis Friday, 12 November 2021.
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