About Thomas Ouphe

About Thomas Ouphe

When Nathaniel Hawthorne was the US consulate, he visited a small village churchyard and scraped the moss off an old stone to reveal the inscription:

Poorly lived and poorly died
Poorly buried and no-one cried

Thomas Ouphe lives very close to the churchyard and regularly goes looking for the stone when he’s walking his dog. He’s never found it but is romantically attracted to the graveyard because it also contains a lamppost that is said to have inspired the Narnia lamppost and the grave of the first author he ever read — Roger Lancelyn Green (Robin Hood and his Merry Men – in case that’s going to nag at you).

He’s the sort of person who likes to read and sit quietly. A homebody and bore, were he not so in love with an American woman he might never go out at all; except to walk the dog of course — he’s not a monster.

He and his wife have three wonderful children and in addition to a mad Staffordshire Terrier, they also have a sombre and sophisticated cat.

When he’s not writing (which to be honest is way more than he’d prefer), he teaches English at a college of further education.


Thomas Ouphe’s story “The Diary of Thisne Ome
in Metaphorosis Friday, 25 February 2022.
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