A question for Sandi Leibowitz

A question for Sandi Leibowitz

Q: What is your favourite part of writing?

A: My favorite part of writing is polishing.  I do love the initial fervor of the onset of idea–but I struggle (usually) with working out the whole story.  That’s where the hard labor comes in.  But once I have my “skeleton draft,” as I call it, I love to see how the story fleshes itself out, often in ways I never dreamed.  And I love to edit, but especially the part beyond mere copy editing, which is where the metaphors turn more apt, or interesting names are conjured up, etc.  Then the story ceases to be just a skeleton, even a fleshed out one, and gains a personality, maybe even a soul.

Sandi Leibowitz’s story “The Nature of Glass” was published in Metaphorosis on Friday, 9 December 2016. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so you’ll know when new stories go live.

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