A question for Lori J. Fitzgerald

A question for Lori J. Fitzgerald

Q: What tools do you write with?

A: My workspace is half of our basement, with my giant teacher’s desk where I used to write lesson plans and mark essays, and a long wall lined with bookshelves. I married a fellow English major and of course both our children are bookworms, so as you can imagine, our bookshelf runneth over. Usually our little black dog is either curled up next to me or trying to get on the desk because she needs to know what is more important than playing fetch with her. Once we are settled in, I conjure ideas from the imagination realm with my yew root wand. Then I capture them with a mechanical pencil and a beautiful notebook. Moleskine has the creamiest paper, but I have others with more decorative, inspiring covers too. There is a different magic in writing longhand, so the first draft is always in my own handwriting. I move onto my computer for revisions in Scrivener, which I love and highly recommend because you can easily have more than one document on the screen at once, and finally I export to Word. I am always amazed by the organic growth of a story from idea to the final manuscript, and it’s a wonderful (albeit frightening) feeling to send a story off from my old desk with the hope it will speak to a reader’s soul.

Lori J. Fitzgerald’s story “Wytchen Wood”  was published on Friday, 15 December 2017.
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