A question for Steve Rodgers

A question for Steve Rodgers

Q: What happens when you hit writer’s block head on?

A: My life is so busy, and my time to write is so limited, that writer’s block hasn’t really hit me. I think the reason is that I spend long time in the car to and from work, dwelling on my next story or book. These thoughts stew all week, so that when the weekend rolls around and I finally have a moment to sit down and write, they just explode out of me. If I had to guess, I’d say that writer’s block occurs when you’ve been at the keyboard too long, stressing about having writer’s block. I think the solution is to go do other things (especially exercise), all while keeping your next project curled up in the back of your mind. This is essentially what I’m forced to do by life, and it seems to keep me from getting the dreaded curse.

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