A question for Thom Connors

A question for Thom Connors

Q: Do you make art other than prose? What kind, and how is it different?

A: In what now feels like another lifetime, I was a musician. I was that kid in school who wrote lyrics in class, and read when the teacher was speaking, and for most of my late teens and early twenties, I played shows regularly. In retrospect, it was the lyric writing that I enjoyed the most. That realisation is what pushed me into prose, then flash fiction, then short stories, and novels. While I still compose music and sing along to Taylor Swift in the car, I don’t do shows anymore. But, I don’t really know how to describe the difference between playing in front of a few hundred, or thousand, people and having a story come out. Can they be compared? In terms of writing them, songs are bursts of creativity and emotion. Stores require more planning, and definitely more time.

Thom Connors’ story “The Forest of New People” was
published on Friday, 13 July 2018.

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