A question for Carolyn Lenz

A question for Carolyn Lenz

Q: Do you use music for inspiration? If so what do you listen to?

A: I use music in two ways when I write. The most basic is less inspiration and more motivation. I’ll often listen to video game music during the actual act of writing, since lyrics distract me and video game music is designed to get you in a groove and keep you moving.

The other way I use music is to help clarify characters. If I’m having trouble expressing a character’s perspective or motivation, I’ll try to think of what their personal theme song would be. I find you can have a very clear image of who a character is in your head without necessarily having the words to describe it, and music and the feelings evoked by it can really help to bridge that gap.

Carolyn Lenz’s story “Pleasing the Giants
in Metaphorosis Friday, 1 March 2019.
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