A question for Marilee Dahlman

A question for Marilee Dahlman

Q: What kind of pieces are the most fun to write (action, lyrical, etc.)?

A: If the piece is fun to write, hopefully it will be fun to read! I enjoy writing stories where ‘stuff happens,’ preferably action that’s in some way funny or disturbing. I like flawed characters making poor life choices. Strange situations we’ve never actually experienced but can all relate to. Of course, stories where people wear dark capes or cloaks are always fun to write. When I hear ‘lyrical,’ I think poetry. I enjoy reading it, but haven’t been brave enough to tackle writing poetry myself. Maybe someday when I’ve run out of ideas for stories about Mars.

Marilee Dahlman’s story “Las Vegas Museum of Space Exploration
in Metaphorosis Friday, 21 June 2019.
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