Q: What do you think is the single most important quality for a good writer to possess?

A: I think the single most important quality for a good writer is curiosity. Curiosity, whether it’s in history, science, psychology, or some other arena, leads to fresh ideas that can be become a captivating story. Being curious compels the writer to ask more questions: Why does this happen? How does this work? What would it be like if viewed through a different lens? When a writer considers the possible answers to these questions, they are poised to develop interesting characters in believable, well-established settings. There are many traits needed to succeed in the fundamentals of writing, including patience, perseverance, tolerance for criticism, and commitment. However, it’s curiosity that makes writing fun.

Michael Sherrin’s story “One Day in Space Too Many
in Metaphorosis Friday, 5 July 2019.
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