Another question for Kathryn Weaver

Another question for Kathryn Weaver

Q: Do you make art other than prose? What kind, and how is it different?

A: I do! I’m also a freelance illustrator – I mostly work on pieces for various speculative fiction venues, but in addition to private commissions, I’ve also done print magazine covers, interior illustrations, and spot editorials. I’ve even contributed environmental art for a forthcoming mobile game.

I studied intaglio printmaking, oil painting, and drawing, not to mention my forays into paper sculpture, but currently I work mostly on digital paintings. In fact, I’m a more confident visual artist than writer – writing is far more personal to me. There’s a sturdier boundary between myself and illustration work. While I love creating art, of course, I’m less emotionally attached to any specific piece. I’m more easily able to brainstorm – I can let things be sketchy, incomprehensible thumbnails before I polish them. When I started bringing that approach to my fiction, it improved immensely.

Kathryn Weaver’s story “Darling
in Metaphorosis Friday, 4 October 2019.
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