A question for B.C. van Tol

A question for B.C. van Tol

Q: What kind of non-fiction do you like to read and how does it affect the fiction you write?

A: I was an English major in college, but for pure love of science, I also took a wide range of science courses—everything from biochemistry to physics. To this day, I prefer to start my mornings by reading about the latest scientific research and discoveries. While I’ll read just about anything under that umbrella, I’m particularly interested in immunology, anthropology, astronomy, and technological innovations in medicine. I suppose it comes as no surprise, then, that I tend to weave elements of science and technology into my fiction writing. What I enjoy most is using science as a jumping-off point to explore the human experience and the human psyche in a fictional context.

B.C. van Tol’s story “Joy (Unplugged)
in Metaphorosis Friday, 28 August 2020.
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