A question for Douglas DiCicco

A question for Douglas DiCicco

Q: Is there a specific environment you find most conducive to writing, and is it different for different kinds of scenes?

A: I do almost all of my writing in my home office. I’ve tried writing in book stores, coffee shops, and at writer meetups in the past, but I’ve found I’m less productive with other people around.

The physical location is the same no matter what I’m writing, but I do change what I’m listening to. When I need calm focus I either listen to the sounds of rain or just have complete silence. When I’m looking for a more energetic mood, I switch to music.

Douglas DiCicco’s story “Exhibit 57-B from the Trial of Alonzo Montalvo v. MoodFoods Incorporated
in Metaphorosis Friday, 29 May 2020.
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